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Writer for all things gaming. Love affair with real-time analytics. Will manage social media for food. Knowledge is power; trivia is bae.

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Paying for Paris – How to Make Quick Cash

Paying for a wedding is never easy. Paying for a destination wedding can be stressful. But paying for a dream wedding in Paris? It sounds downright brutal!

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Missingno.: The Lasting Legacy Of The 152nd Glitch Pokemon

Pokemon was the smash hit of the playground back in the ’90s. If you didn’t have a Gameboy with Pokemon Red or Blue, you sat next to a group of kids who did, wistfully watching as they continued to battle, catch, train, and trade without you. If you were a certified Pokemon trainer, you knew that being the best wasn’t an option – it was required.

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Should Final Fantasy Worlds Be Allowed in Kingdom Hearts 3?

They say that each time someone mentions Half Life 3 and/or Kingdom Hearts 3, both games’ release dates are postponed an additional six months.

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United They Fall: When Jumping On The Bandwagon Goes Too Far

Most companies that have had previous ties with United are doing their best to sever them as quickly as possible, wanting to avoid the dumpster fire that is the United PR. But a few bold and perhaps reckless companies are trying to ride the coattails of the massive story that unfolded and see what traffic they can get from it. Today, the popular mobile game Covet Fashion did just that.

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The 15 Most Insanely Hot KPop Groups

Since we’re just super thirsty, we’ve made a list of some of the most insanely popular KPop groups of all time. We couldn’t fit them all on here, but we got a lot of the greats. How many of these have you heard of? Who’s your bias?

Ghost in the shell movie teasers 1 article

Ghost In The Shell's Whitewashing: Why It's Bad & How Video Games Can Teach Hollywood A Lesson | EquityArcade™

By now, everyone knows about Ghost in the Shell – at least, they know the soon-to-be-released movie adaptation of the brilliant Japanese manga and animated classic.

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Exclusive Interview with an Overwatch Character – Zenyatta

We had the pleasure of snagging an exclusive interview with Feodor Chin - the voice behind the mysterious and enigmatic Zenyatta from Overwatch. Feodor hails from San Francisco, CA and currently resides in Los Angeles. The actor, voice actor, writer, director, narrator, and overall talented individual has a long and storied career in...

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(Un)Finished: How Broken Mechanics Made Good Games Great | EquityArcade™

In the age of digital downloads and DLC, many games are being released in an unfinished state with a same-day patch tying up loose ends later on. Glitches are stitched, levels are added, and portions of the game that give unfair advantages are removed. Usually this leads to frustration instead of frivolous enjoyment, yet companies decide to do this time and time again.

Skyrim quests 1 article

15 Awesome Quests In Skyrim You Didn’t Know About

The devs at Bethesda had years and years to create this fantastic game, and they made sure to fill it full of random things to do. As such, there are tons of quests that remain unmarked and even unfinished. If you’ve found yourself at the end of the line, read through these quests to see if you’ve missed any on this list.

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Donald Trump: Video Game Star & Hater?

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor site has made any assertions on who they are voting for during the discourse of this article. Just sayin’.

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race, politics went from a zoo to a freak show. Unlike previous elections that seemed so dull in comparison, people everywhere have been clamoring for the newest piece of juicy gossip surrounding the Republican nominee, eager to see what outlandish thing he says next.

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Sick Burns Video Game Companies Gave Each Other ...

As a marketing professional, I love reading about video game marketing. There’s something about it that’s so edgy and unrestrained; the industry doesn’t seem to be bound by the same rules and regulations that plague toys and food, and they basically have free reign to do as they damn well please.

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Pokenomics: PoGo PLUS vs. Supply And Demand | EquityArcade™

On June 23rd, I preordered my Pokemon Go PLUS accessory. On September 20th, I finally received it (a 90 day wait, but who’s counting?).

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Killer Apps: Mobile Gaming Murdered My Tamagotchi ...

Tamagotchi was the Japanese sensation that swept the nation back in the ‘90s. These tiny, egg-shaped, digital pets were meant to be loved and cherished as they flickered to and fro across a small, colorless screen. They’d often make beeping noises when they were hungry, emoting, or had recently pooped, notifying their caretaker that they needed attention. Should the Tamagotchi owner neglect their pixelated pal, the creature would die, and a parent would have to reset the Tamagotchi so it could begin life anew. Circle of life – sunrise, sunset, etc.

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Git Gud & Fit: A Fitness Coach's Opinions on Video Game Exercises | EquityArcade™

As someone that identifies as a gamer, I have struggled to find the joy in doing anything that wasn’t behind a controller – exercise included. Sure, I played baseball and rode my bike around the neighborhood as a kid, but that was usually only after my mom forced me to go get fresh air after playing N64 for too long. So when video games started churning out titles that promoted physical activity, it was kind of a turning point for me. I finally found some joy in exercise because it was literally a game!

Stevie case quake article

Stevie Case: Queen of Quake

Remember the 90s? Of course you do. While most of the internet likes to focus on things like Friends, Friends, and…Friends, the 90s was actually a golden age for video games on all fronts. In one decade, we witnessed Sega’s partial takeover of the video game market followed quickly by its own demise.